5 Parks in 5 Days Challenge

Do you know how many parks we have in the Town of Selma? Do you know where all of our parks are located in Selma? Are you ready to take the Selma Parks and Recreation, 5 Parks in 5 Days Challenge to find out!

5 Parks in 5 Days Challenge is a fun program for youth to visit five local parks during the month of July to celebrate National Park and Recreation Month! Children will play on a variety of play structures, while also participating in selected games and activities. Registration is not required and participants can come to each day’s identified park between 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM.

This free program gives families and daycare providers a chance to get out, enjoy the parks and stay active! Who knows you might discover a new favorite park in Selma.

The 5 Parks in 5 Days schedule is as follows:

·         Monday, July 16th:  Meet at Raiford Street Park, 808 South Raiford Street

·         Tuesday, July 17th: Meet at Edgebrook Park, 1100 Dixie Drive

·         Wednesday, July 18th: Meet at Briarwood Park, 412 Reid Circle

·         Thursday, July 19th: Meet at Brack Wilson Park,  1118 West Oak Street

·         Friday, July 20th: Meet at Harrison Gym, 601 West Noble Street

The group will not meet if there is inclement weather during the events Monday through Thursday.

For more information about these events, contact Joni Hubble-Zeneberg at 919-975-1411 or email jzeneberg@selma-nc.com.

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