The Administration Team consists of the Town Manager, Town Clerk, Deputy Town Clerk, and Human Resources Manager. 

Town Manager - reports directly to the Mayor and Town Council. It is the Manager's responsibility to provide professional and technical advice and recommend to the Council programs and services as well as implement Council policy.  He is the Chief Financial Officer of the Town and budget developer.  All Town department heads report to the Town Manager and he oversees the overall operations of the Town.

Town Clerk - prepares the Town Council Agenda, gives legal notice of all meetings and records the minutes of the Council meetings.  The Clerk maintains the official records of the Town and the Code of Ordinances.

Deputy Town Clerk - records the minutes of various advisory boards, risk manager and maintains the Town's website and social media. The Deputy Clerk serves as a proxy for the Town Clerk.

Human Resources Director - oversee issues related to employment, compensation, labor negotiations, and employee relations. The Human Resource Director improves Human Resource policies, processes, and practices. 

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