Beautification Award

                                                                   Pelican’s Snoball (108 Roxy Drive)
                                                     Winner for August Commercial Beautification Award
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Collier (171 Country Day Circle)
                                     Winner for July Residential Beautification Award
                                  Deacon Jones-Smith Preowned (1400 S. Pollock Street)
                                     Winner for July Commercial Beautification Award
                                  Leonard Building & Trucking Accessories (1450 South Pollock Street)
                                                 Winner for April Commercial Beautification Award
Mr. and Mrs. Penny (502 Cherry Street) - Winner for April Residential Beautification Award!!
Mr. and Mrs. Aycock (401 Dixie Drive) - Winner for April Residential Beautification Award!!
Selma Middle School (1533 U.S. Hwy 301N) - Winner for April Commercial Beautification Award!!


             Selma Lions Club (203 W. Oak Street) Winner for June 2019 Commercial Beautification Award

Beautification Award Application

Please complete application and 
Mail to Town Hall at 114 N. Raiford Street Selma, NC 27576
Send application via email to


All Residential and commercial landscaping within the cities jurisdiction are eligible for the Beautification Award. The award shall be given every month or as nominated and approved by the Town of Selma Appearance Commission. There will only be four nominations a month (2 Residential & 2 Commercial properties.)



Nominations can come from citizens residing within the city limits as well as within the Town of Selma "Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ)." Those living inside the city limits as well as in the Town's ETJ can also receive a beautification award. All nomination will be forwarded to the Appearance Commission for approval. An application can be found on the Town of Selma's website at: Feel free to mail or return in person to Town Hall, located at 114 N. Raiford Street Selma, NC 27576.

If there are any further questions, please contact Officer Moore, Codes Administrator, at 919-965-9841 Ext. 1007.



Criteria should include, but not limited to the following items:
  • Landscaping visible from the street if you were to walk or drive past the property.
  • Aesthetic design appealing- does it fit with the home and attract curb appeal.
  • Include a dramatic change in the property with before and after pictures if possible (Example: New owners/fixer upper).
  • Has the landscaping been upgraded by addition of new mulch,irrigation, or plants?
  • Significantly weed free.
  • Grass mowed at appropriate height.
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