Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment meets as necessary to hear and rule on interpretations of the Development Ordinance.  The Board also hears appeals of administrative actions and requests for variances for dimension standards of the Development Ordinance.  The Board conducts its meetings in a quasi-judicial manner.  Sworn testimony is heard and facts presented to the Board in which they render their decision.

Member  Appointed       Term Expires     
Ronnie Lee  11/01/16  11/01/19
Amy West Whitley  11/01/16  11/01/19
Roger Diegele  11/01/16  11/01/19
Jennifer Edwards (ETJ)            11/01/16  11/01/19
William Overby  08/14/18  11/01/21
Larry Capps (ETJ) 01/08/19 11/01/22
Ron Freeman (ETJ) 04/01/19 11/01/22
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