Code Enforcement

Responsible property ownership and maintenance is a key component of neighborhood stability. While most property owners meet their obligations – maintaining their properties and complying with codes so they do not cause harm to their occupants, their neighbors and/or their communities – some do not. In those cases, the Town of Selma has the task of encouraging negligent owners to carry out their responsibilities. If they do not, then the town will take action to minimize the harm to the community. This is the role of code enforcement.

The Codes Administrator is responsible for ensuring that public nuisances and blighted properties become compliant with the Code of Ordinance. The Codes Administrator has a very visible role in the community from the perspective that the decisions that are made and how effectively the Codes Administrator performs his/her duties can have a major impact on the property values and image of the community. The Codes Administrator enhances property values through effective enforcement of property standards, while working to keep aging buildings, homes, and properties from deteriorating and becoming “eyesores” to the community.

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