Appointed by the Selma Town Council, the Historic Properties Commission is working hard to preserve the history and character of our community by carrying out the duties outlined in Section 17-1642 of the Selma Municipal Code. 

Historic Properties Commission Compostions:

Members Appointed Term Expiration
Dina Flowers 06/09/2015 11/01/2018
Catherine Gutierrez   06/14/2011 11/01/2020
Rosemary Nazzaro 08/14/2018 11/01/2021
Susanne Pote** 09/08/2015 11/01/2018
Robert Crossgrove 09/08/2015 11/01/2018
Johnny Wheeler 09/08/2015 11/01/2018
Amy West Whitley* 11/08/2016 11/01/2019
Rose Marie Evans 08/08/2017 11/01/2020

                                                                                                                  ** Vice-Chairman

Selma is fortunate to have three (3) historic districts that are on the National Register of Historic Places as follows:

Downtown Selma Historic District;

Richard B. Harrison; and

West Selma Historic District.

Historic preservation encourages reinvestment in neighborhood's  and the central business district. Please see our Historic District Map.

If you are considering purchasing, renovating/remodeling a building or opening/expanding a business within the historic district, please contact the Planning and Development Department staff. We will be glad to meet with you and discuss historic preservation efforts in our community, applicable preservation guidelines and application(s).

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