Historic Properties Commission Information, etc.


  • The Commission shall consist of nine (9) members appointed by the Town Council. 

  • All members shall reside within the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of the Town of Selma.

  • A majority of the members of the commission shall have demonstrated special interest, experience or education in history, architecture, archaeology or related fields.

  • The Town Council shall use its best efforts to appoint qualified members to the commission. However, if it is not able to get qualified members to serve who reside in the Historic District, it may appoint others who reside within the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of the Town of Selma.

  • The Commission may appoint advisory bodies and committees as appropriate.


  • Members of the Commission shall serve terms of three (3) years.
  • Terms shall be staggered.
  • Any vacancy in the membership shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the initial appointment.
  • Faithful attendance at the meetings of the Commission is considered a prerequisite for maintenance of membership on the Commission.
  • No member may serve more than three (3) consecutive terms or a total of ten (10) years on the Commission.
  • A former member may serve for another three (3) terms or a total of ten (10) years after two (2) year consecutive waiting period. During the waiting period, the citizen may serve on another board, commission, committee or authority.

Powers and Duties

  • The powers of the Historic Properties Commission are as follows:
  1.  Undertake an inventory of properties of historical, architectural and/or cultural significance;
  2. Recommend to the Town Council areas to be designated by ordinance as "historic districts" and individual structures, buildings, sites, areas or objects to be designated by ordinance as "landmarks";
  3. Recommend to the Town Council that designation of any area as a historic district, or part thereof, or designation of any building, structure, site, area or object as a landmark, be revoked or removed for cause;
  4. Review and act upon proposal for alterations, demolition or new construction within historic districts, or for the alteration or demolition of designated landmarks;
  5. Conduct an educational program with respect to historic districts and landmarks within its jurisdiction;
  6. Cooperate with the state, federal and local government in pursuance of the purposes of this ordinance, to offer or request assistance, aid, guidance or advice concerning matters under its purview or of mutual interest. The Town Council, or the Commission when authorized by the Town Council, may contract with State or the United States, or any agency of either, or with any other organization provided the terms are not inconsistent with state or federal law;
  7. Enter, solely in performance of its official duties and only at reasonable times, upon private lands for examination or survey thereof. However, no member, employee or agent of the Commission may enter any private building or structure without express consent of the owner or occupant thereof;
  8. Prepare and recommend the official adoption of a preservation element as part of the Town of Selma comprehensive plan(s);
  9. Make recommendations to the Town Council that the Town acquire by any lawful means fee simple or lesser interest, including options to purchase properties within established districts or any such properties designated as landmarks, to hold, manage, preserve, restore and improve the same, and to exchange or dispose of the property by public or private sale, lease or otherwise, subject to covenants or other legally binding restrictions which will secure appropriate rights of public access and promote the preservation of the property;
  10. With the permission of the Town Council, restore, preserve and operate historic properties; and 
  11. With the permission of the Town Council, negotiate at any time with the owner of a building, structure, site, area or object for its acquisition or its preservation when such action is reasonably necessary or appropriate.
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