Image result for selma nc police departmentMission Statement:  The Selma Police Department is committed to fairness, compassion, and excellence while providing police services in accordance with the law and remaining sensitive to the priorities and needs of the community.


  • The Selma Police Department believes that the protection of life and property is our highest priority.
  • The Selma Police Department will respect and protect the rights and dignity of all persons and conduct all citizen contact with courtesy and compassion, and consider ourselves as ambassadors for the Town of Selma.
  • The Selma Police Department will strive for excellence in its delivery of police services and will utilize training, technology, and innovation to achieve that goal.
  • The Selma Police Department recognizes its interdependent relationship with the community it serves and will remain sensitive to the community's priorities and needs.
  • The Selma Police Department will enforce the law impartially throughout the community.
  • The Selma Police Department recognizes the individual worth of each of its members.


       (See link in Black Box for details and application)


  • Patrol Services:  24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Senior Citizens Call List: Daily phone calls to seniors
  • 911 dispatch:  POLICE - FIRE - RESCUE
  • Senior Citizens Visit List: Weekly visits to seniors
  • Vehicle Assistance: Unlock service for locked vehicles Jump-start low/dead batteries
  • Park, Walk, Talk Officers meet & greet residents & business people
  • Vacation Security Checks
  • Crime Prevention Seminars
  • Community Presentations (By request: Contact Capt. W. M. Thomas )
  • Bike Patrol
  • Mobile Precinct
  • Foot Patrol
  • Off-duty Security
  • Nightly Business Door Checks
  • Bicycle Registration
  • Provide Free Gun Locks - When available
  • Home / Business Security Surveys (contact Capt. R. L. Daniels or Capt. W. M. Thomas at (919) 965-8189)
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